Terms Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Refund policy

There is no refund policy. No refunds whatsoever will be given in any case.

Transfer of Package Policy

Transfer of diet to someone else can only be done incase of a health emergency or condition with the proof of it. If you want to transfer your package to someone else’s name, the diet given time plus one week will be deducted from the total time of the package

Eg- If you enrolled for one month and seven days package and we provided you the diet of 3 days, then we will deduct 3+7 days i.e. 10 days from your package and total time will become 20 days normal diet and 7 days maintenance diet
Also transfer can be done only within 2 months of your joining date.

Extension Policy

If you have taken a diet package and want to extend it for more time, it can only be done within 10 days of you enrolling the package. Eg- If you take one month and seven days package, you can extend it to any other package only within 15 days from your date of joining. You can pay the balance amount accordingly

Product Return or Exchange Policy

We need you to record the parcel opening video you get from our side without any pause or stops. Make a video in one go to avail any returns or exchanges. No video no returns or exchange.

Payment policy

You need to pay in full and advance to enroll any diet package or order any products. No installments or after delivery payments are accepted.

Medical Issues Policy

If you have any medical issues, your prescription and reports supporting and explaining them is required for us to give you the best diet possible. No diets will be given if no medical prescription is given in such cases.

Stoppage of diets policy

You need to be active and reply to all the reminder messages sent to you for us to track your progress. If no replies for a week, the diets will be stopped and will only be resumed after your word with Nutritionist Shweta Gupta.

No results policy

If you don’t get results even if our full focus and efforts with you, then we are not responsible for the same. We can’t say for sure that you have followed us religiously and didn’t do anything you wasn’t supposed to do or didn’t inform us about your cheats. So nothing will be done in that case.

Holding Diets Policy

If you enroll in any offers or take a package, and want to start later on, the maximum hold of period is 2 months. Nothing can be availed after 2 months and no refunds will be provided. Also, if you pause your diets in between, maximum hold of time is 2 months only.

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